Täby AK in English

What is Täby AK?

Täby AK is a non-profit sport club that sorts under the Swedish Powerlifting Federation (SSF), a part of the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF). Our purpose is to promote the sport of powerlifting. This is done by keeping a gym, dedicated to serious strength training in general and Powerlifting in particular. As a part of SSF we also have licensed lifters that compete in powerlifting where we support our lifters, mainly the younger ones with coaches and programming. Täby AK is also taking part of our national powerlifting leagues (”Serien”) and we compete as a team in Classic Men, Women, Powerlifting and Bench leagues but also in Junior and Subjunior leagues and Masters leagues. Täby AK has competitors on all levels from beginners to international lifters in all age groups. Täby AK is usually one of the top teams in all national competitions both in terms of no. of athletes but also in performance.

We have 350 members of which about 60 are licensed powerlifters so there are plenty of people in the club just enjoying serious strength training but aren’t focused on or competing in powerlifting.

The gym

Our gym is the home of Täby AK. It is located and the most bottom level in Tibblehallen (maps). You can go here by the commuter train Roslagsbanan with the closest stop at Tibble or as alternative Täby Centrum. You can also go here by Buss to Täby Centrum, bike or car. Use maps link to plan your trip here or sl.se if you are commuting. Our gym is located in the basement, it is not fancy but it is functional and one of the biggest and best equipped powerlifting clubs in Sweden. On top of that you will also have the best people around you. We have in total 14 lifting racks, a mix of ER equipment, Rogue and Eleiko both competition racks and rigs. Beside that dumb bells up to about 90 kg, kettlebells, strength training machines, cable crosses and more. We do have a small selection of cardio devices for warm-up and training.

We are not a commercial gym, we have no staff. What happens there is what we, the members, do with it.

Finding the gym is not super easy. Find Tibblehallen, enter and take a left and go towards and down ALL the stairs until you end up at 3 toilets in a small space. Take right into the open room with table tennis tables and in here take a left and aim for the grey metal door. This door is opened with Parakey, an app. As a member you will get access through the app and can enjoy the gym 7-22 Mon-Sun (except 7-21 on Fridays).

Opening hours


Become a member

To become a member you need to 1) pay the membership fee and 2) register.

Payment options:

SWISH 123 191 98 77 or Postgiro 4770971-2

International payments:

Account no. 9960 2647709712

IBAN SE20 9500 0099 6026 4770 9712


If you don’t have Swish and let a friend do that for you tell them to put in your name in the message section so we see who they are paying for. Thanks!

If you turned 18 you pay 1600 SEK. If you turned 65 or is younger than 18 you pay 800 SEK. Best and cheapest gym in Stockholm for sure.

Then you register here so we can send you the key.

and you are done! Getting access can take a few days so don’t wait.

More information on Täby AK

The main source of information can be seen on our Facebook page (mainly boring but important things like opening hours and such) but you can see some powerlifting at our IG account @taby_ak. If you have any questions regarding the team, powerlifting, the gym or membership you can email us at info@tabyak.se.